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                                      (Inspector police Paper)
(1) The painter of Mona Lisa was?
 (A)  Leonardo Da Vinci Ba
 (B) F. A. Bartholdi
 (C)  Henry Smith
 (D)  None of these
 Answer is, A

(2) The Length of the M6 D.G Khan to Kakkar Motorway is?
 (A) 467 Km
 (B) 478 Km
 (C)  468 Km
 (D) 469 Km
 Answer is, A

(3) Shahnama-i-islam was written by?
 (A) Firdausi
 (B) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
 (C) Hafeez Jallundhri
 (D) None of these
 Answer is, C

(4) The Headquarter of World Health Organization is?
 (A) Geneva
 (B) Paris
 (C) Vienna
 (D)  USA

 Answer is, A
(5) M-8 Motorway is from?
 (A) Lahore to layyah
 (B) Multan to Lahore
 (C) Lahore to Islamabad
 (D) Ratodero to Gawadar
 Answer is, D

(6) Which is the longest motorway in Pakistan?
 (A) M6
 (B) M7
 (C) M9
 (D) M8
 Answer is, D

(7) Pisa Tower is located in?
 (A) Italy
 (B) Paris
 (C) France
 (D) Germany
 Answer is, B
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(8) Hezbollah an Islamic party of Lebanon was established in?
 (A) 1982
 (B) 1983
 (C) 1984
 (D) 1985
 Answer is, A

(7) The Capital of Cyprus is?
 (A) Nicosia
 (B) Aeolia
 (C) Stingily
 (D) None of these
 Answer is, A

(8) Headquarter of Food and Agriculture Organization (established in 1945) is located in?
 (A) Rome
 (B) Geneva
 (C) Aeolia
 (D) Vienna
 Answer is, A

(9) Rohtas Fort was constructed by (on Sher shah‘s order)
 (A) Todar Mal                                                                                 
 (B) Raja Ram Das
 (C) Raja Bir Mal
 (D)  Hari Kishan
 Answer is, A

(10) Who is called as “Alexander of Muslim World?
 (A) Uqba bin Nafah (RA)
 (B) Khalid Bin Waleed (RA)
 (C) Amir Bin Al-Ass (RA)
 (D) None of these
 Answer is, A

(11) How many Rukus are there in Quran?
 (A) 558
 (B) 594
 (C) 558
 (D) 557
 Answer is, C

(12) First Ghazawa (Battle) took Place between Muslims and Kuffar is?
 (A) Abawa
 (B) Khundaq
 (C) Badar
 (D) None of these
 Answer is, A
(13) How Many Mosques are mentioned in the Quran?
 (A) 3
 (B) 4
 (C) 5
 (D) 6
 Answer is, B

(14) The Designation of Governor-General was changed to President?
 (A) 1956
 (B) 1962
 (C) 1973
 (D) None of these
 Answer is, A

(15) When did Holy Prophet (SAW) go to perform Hajj?
 (A) 10 H
 (B) 11 H
 (C) 12 H
 (D) 9 H
 Answer is, A

(16) Strait of Bosporus connects?
 (A) Red sea and Black sea
 (B) Red sea and White Sea
 (C) Black sea and Sea of Marmara
 (D) Black sea and sea of Baltic
 Answer is, C

(17) Which of the following regions of the world is most thickly populated?
 (A) South Asia
 (B) North Asia
 (C) North Africa
 (D)  South Africa
 Answer is, A

(18) Which of the following gases is most predominate in the sun?
 (A) Hydrogen
 (B) Ozone
 (C) Helium
 (D) Nitrogen
 Answer is, B

(19) Damascus is situated on bank of river?
 (A) Rhine River
 (B) Barada River
 (C) Nile River
 (D) None of these
 Answer is, B

(20) Paris is situated on bank of river
 (A)  Rhine River
 (B) Seine River
 (C)  spree River
 (D) None of these
 Answer is, B

(21) The foreign phrase De fecto means?
 (A)  Infect
 (B) Rightful
 (C) Argument Against
 (D) None of these
 Answer is, A

(22) MT. Arart is longest peak of?
 (A) Britain
 (B) Turkey
 (C) Chile
 (D) North Korea
 Answer is, B
Previous  police inspector Paper(23) Who was the last Mughal Emperor to sit on the peacock Throne?
 (A) M Shah
 (B) Shah Alam
 (C)  Ayrangzeb
 (D) Bahadur Shah Zafar
 Answer is, A
Previous police inspector Paper
(24) Which of the following country is known as “Mistress of Seas”?
 (A) USA
 (B) UAE
 (C) UK
 (D) None of these
 Answer is, C

(25) Which country has won first world Cup Hockey?
 (A) Pakistan
 (B) Iran
 (C) Australia
 (D) India
 Answer is, A

(26) Writ of Habeas-corpus means that
 (A) You have the body to submit or answer
 (B)  Mandatory relief remit
 (C) A wrong Doer
 (D) None of these
 Answer is, A

(27) What is the name of Lahore Airport?
 (A) Allama Iqbal Airport
 (B) Jinnah Airport
 (C) Punjab Airport
 (D) Butto Airport
 Answer is, A

(28) AGI is the news agency of?
 (A) Pakistan
 (B) Iran
 (C) UK
 (D) USA
 Answer is, C

(29) Which is the biggest company of the computer software in the
 (A) Microsoft
 (B) Google
 (C) MSN
 (D) Yahoo
 Answer is, A

(30) Name the CM of sindh from August 1947 to April 1948?
 (A) Ayub Khoro
 (B) Nisar Khoro
 (C) Noor Talpur
 (D)  Rahim Khoro
 Answer is, A

(31) Lahore was a properly walled city surrounded by _____ gates.
 (A) 13
 (B) 12
 (C) 11
 (D) 10
 Answer is, B

(32) Masjid Mahbat khan is located in
 (A) Peshawar
 (B) Karachi
 (C)  Quetta
 (D) Karachi
 Answer is, A

(33) Bhutan is known as
 (A) Land of rivers
 (B) Land of pagoda
 (C) Land of the flying fish
 (D) Land of thunder bolt
 Answer is, D

(34) Who is the founder of Taoism?
 (A) Lun yu
 (B) Lao tse
 (C) Tao te Cheng
 (D) Hung fe
 Answer is, C

(35) Which of the following is old name of Ankara?
 (A) Angora
 (B) Elbe
 (C) Avon
 (D) Ottawa
 Answer is, A

(36) Dome of Rock Is Located In?
 (A) Jerusalem
 (B) Jordan
 (C) Lebanon
 (D) Iraq
 Answer is, A

(37) Abyssinia is the old name of which of the following countries?
 (A) Ethiopia
 (B) Ceylon
 (C) Rhodesia
 (D) Malaya
 Answer is, A

(38) Which of the following pass connects Bannu (Pakistan) and Ghazni (Afghanistan)?
 (A) Khunjrab Pass
 (B) Tochi Pass
 (C) Malakand Pass
 (D) Khan Kun pass
 Answer is, B

(39) The highest Pass of Pakistan is?
 (A) Muztagh Pass
 (B) Daragai Pass
 (C) Kilik Pass
 (D)  Bolan Pass
 Answer is, A

(40) Name the person who took part in all three round
 Table Conferences of 1930_1932 and was the first foreign
 Minister of Pakistan
 (A) Ch M Ali
 (B) Sakindar Mirza
 (C) Ghulam Muhammad
 (D) Sir M Zafarullah
 Answer is, D

(41) Who is the founder of “Big Bang Theory” ?
 (A) George Lemaire
 (B) Issac Asimov
 (C) Edwin Hubble
 (D) Tycho Brahe
 Answer is, A

(42) USA celebrates its independence day on?
 (A)  4th july
 (B) 23th july
 (C) 17th july
 (D) 19th July
 Answer is,A

(43) Flag of Red Cross is the reverse of the flag of
 (A) Switzerland
 (B) Pakitan
 (C) sweden
 (D) England

 Answer is, A
(44) Which Book is entitled as “Bible of Communism”?
 (A) Affluent Society
 (B) War and Peace
 (C) Das Kapital
 (D) Gulag Archipelago

Answer is, C
(45) The author of the book ‘A Brief History of Time ’Is?
 (A) Carl Sagan
 (B)  John Schwarz
 (C) Stephen Hawking 
 (D) None of these
 Answer is,

(46) Who buit the mausoleum of Jahangir in 1637AD and where?
 (A) Shahjahn at Lahore
 (B) Shajahan at Agra
 (C) Shajahan at Delhi
 (D) Nur Jahan at fateh Sikri
 Answer is, A

(47) The Peacock throne was made for?
 (A) Jahangir                                                                 
 (B) Shajahan
 (C) Akbar
 (D) Aurabgzeb
 Answer is B

(48) Headquarter of World Meteorological organization is located in?
 (A) Geneva
 (B) paris
 (C) Vienna
 (D) None of these
 Answer is, A

(49) Ban Ki Moon Belongs to?
 (A)  America
 (B)  UK
 (C) Russia
 (D) South Korea
 Answer is, D

(50) Which is the longest mountain range in the world?
 (A)  Andes
 (B) Alps
 (C) Rockies
 (D) Himalayas
 Answer is, A

(51) The first successful expedition to the Mount Everest was made in?
 (A) 1953
 (B) 1954
 (C) 1955
 (D) 1956
 Answer is, A

(52) Which place is called the Land of the Rising Sun?
 (A) Japan
 (B) Ireland
 (C) Norway
 (D) Thailand
 Answer is, A

(53) Which country is called “Switzerland of Africa”?
 (A) Somalia
 (B) South Africa
 (C) Swaziland
 (D) Congo
 Answer is, C
(54) Which is the largest oil Field found in Pakistan?
 (A) Balkassar
 (B) Pindh
 (C) Attock
 (D) Mazari
 Answer is, A
(55) Longest tunnel of Pakistan is?
 (A) Tarblea
 (B) Khojak
 (C) Kala Bagh
 (D) None of these
 Answer is, B
(56) On which river Mangla Dam is built?
 (A) Indus
 (B) Jhelum
 (C) Chenab
 (D) Bolan
 Answer is B
(57) Which of the following pass connects chitral  With Wahkan?
 (A) Baroghil Pass
 (B) Muztagh Pass
 (C) Dorah Pass
 (D) Mataka Pass
 Answer is,A
(58) Which of the following pas connects Baltistan and Yarkand (China?)
 (A) Muztagh pass
 (B)  Peiwar Kotal Pass
 (C) Malakand pass
 (D) Khan Kun Pass
 Answer is, A
(59) Nadir Shah invades india in
 (A) 1674
 (B) 1739
 (C) 1839
 (D) 1939
 Answer is, B
(60) FCPS Stands For
 (A) Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians
         And Surgeons
 (B) Fellow Capital People Surgeons
 (C) Fellow Community Phone Subject
 (D) None of these
 Answer is, A

(61) A spends 2/5 of his salary on house rent, 3/10 of his salary on
Conveyance if he has 1400 left with him, find his expenditure on food and conveyance
 (A) 600
 (B) 700
 (C) 1000
 (D) 1200
 Answer is, C
(62) How many pieces of 85 cm length can be cut form rod 42.5 meters long?
 (A)  30
 (B)  40
 (C) 50
 (D) 60
 Answer is, c
(63) The sum of 2 numbers is 84, if one of them exceeds the other
by 12 Find the number?
 (A)  40,52
 (B)  1. 13
 (C) 36 , 48
 (D) 72,84
 Answer is, c
(64)The number, whose 7% is 14 is
 (A)  500
 (B)  400
 (C) 300
 (D) 200
 Answer is, d
Previous  police inspector Paper
 (65)  There is a limit _____ everything in life?
 (A)  To
 (B)  On
 (C) With
 (D) In
 Answer is, A
(66) Which of the following is called the study of soils?
 (A)  Palynology
 (B)  Pedology
 (C) Pelology
 (D) None of these
 Answer is, B
(67) He congratulated you ______ your promotion
 (A)  In
 (B)  On
 (C) For
 (D) OF
 Answer is, C
(68) Let us make ______ Our differences.
 (A)  On
 (B)  Up
 (C) In
 (D) After
 Answer is, B
Previous police inspector Paper
(69) Jeer same meaning
 (A)  Scoff
 (B)  Applaud
 (C) Avoid
 (D) None of these
 Answer is, A
(70) Laudable Synonyms is.
 (A)  Regrettable
 (B)  Praiseworthy
 (C) Unfair                  
 (D) Hurt
 Answer is ,  B
Identify the correct spellings.
(A) Occurred
(B) Ocurred
(C) Occured
(D) Ocureed
Answer is, A
(A) Government
(B) Governmant
(C) Govarnment
(D)  None of these
Answer is, A

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